Monday, October 10, 2011

New Beads and Selling Lampwork tools

I have never used this glass (moretti Mustard) before I don't know why but it's beautiful. This set has raku frit. I just finished a set with Praline frit. My tester bead looked good so I made a few sets, will see in the morning. I made some with orange glass too. You can find these beads on Etsy.

I have a lot of tools and presses that I don't seem to use. I was thinking of selling them. What venue do you sell them? On your blog and hope for word of mouth, ebay,etsy?


  1. Oh, man, drooling again! That's the 2nd time today it's happened to me over beads (usually I just swoon ;D ) I luuurrrvvv these beads and colors. New to your site but plan to keep watching what you do! AweSOME!

  2. Love the beads! I am looking for some new tools, what do you have to sell?