Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lampwork Tool Sale

Original Price $50.00 Sale $35.00

Original Price 65.00 Sale 35.00

Original Price $55.00 Sale $35.00

Original Price $59.00 Sale $35.00

Original Price$59.00 Sale $35.00

Sale $5.00

Osibin Sphere and Disc Former $50.00 Sale 20.00

Catwalk I think no base $10.00 each


  1. Oh dang! I am in trouble now! You have a couple there that I want! Ones that are already on my list! I already have two Zoozii presses and love them, so I know the quality. Third picture, the diamond ones. The two black rolling presses {not sure what they are called}
    Let me know how much

  2. Go ahead and invoice me the total for the presses at I will send the payment by the end of the weekend. I have two shows this weekend so I should be adding a good amount of funds to my Paypal!

    I am in Canada, T2J 6R5 is my Postal Code I am in Calgary AB

    Hope you don't need anything else :)

  3. SOLD Crystal press and both rollers Thank-you Marie