Saturday, April 23, 2011


Having fun with my new enamel powder. Check out I will be uploading all day. Have a great Easter weekend to everyone.


  1. Pam, those beads are gorgeous! I adore the purple beads and the purple and orange beads the most! Is that the enamel powder? What do you do with it? Does it go on the surface of the glass? Those swirls with the headpins are wonderful too! I especially like the black and white. They look like Easter bonnets! Wish I could see them all up close! Have a great Easter. Hope you are feeling like yourself again! You have been through so much! Good thing you have your beads to play with for distraction!!

  2. Thanks Doreen, Yes it's enamel powder thats no longer made but I got my hands on some. I roll the hot bead in the powder melt in. In a reduction flame (more propane) you get that shiny purple. Have a great Easter.