Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. Today starts the 12 Days of Christmas blog hop that Lorelei has put on for the last two years. I was lucky to be in group 1 beads and componets. I made hand made gifts with my glass beads,metal componets,fused glass, well glass in general.
Lorelei set me her cute snippets bead caps. I think I see a pair of earrings with these. I had a picture of lorelei envelope but has gotten lost in my computer. It was handmade and so cute.
Here is the list of people that got to play along. Thank-you Lorelei.

   Lorelei Eurto        
#2    Marcy Lamberson
#3    Donna Millard      
#4    Pam Ferrari          
#5    Kathleen Lange Klik
#6    Kristi Bowman     
#7    Carolyn Chenault 
#8    Renetha Stanziano
#9    Karen Totten       
#10   Cheri Reed         
#11   Francesca Watson
#12   Inge von Roos    

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