Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beads and 2nd Opinion

I made lots of beads today. I don't know when I will get them on etsy. I am going back to the city for a 2nd opinion on my recontruction surgery I had. I not very pleased with the out come. Hope to get some advice on if its fixable. I get to see my granddaughter play baseball it's the playoffs. She is the only girl on the team and she is a power hitter. When she gets up to bat the other team always yells Good hitting back up. The last game I saw she got a three run home run. Hope to get a picture of my new beads before I go. Had a great week-end we when camping with some friends. Cold and rainy but we had a good time.


  1. Oh, Pam! So sorry about your boobie trouble! That's really the pits! Hope you get the answers you want. Well, at least you'll have the joy of watching your granddaughter play baseball! It's supposed to rain tomorrow too.

  2. Anytime spent with good fiends is a good time! Good luck with your Doctor visit, I hope it will go well.