Monday, March 21, 2011

My first street show of the year snowed in.

This first picture is Joe my hubby packing the car. Its friday afternoon we were going to set up my tent and tables one less thing to do in the morning. Its starting to snow. The road we take into town is not plowed and its a very curvy so we turn around and come home. Saturday we wake up early to This...... Guess who didn't do a street show today? Snow up on the mountain rain down below. Its been snowing non stop since 3:30 on friday. I will post more pictures later.


  1. Bummer! It was so windy here Saturday night! I thought we were going to blow away!! Sun today though...hope you have some too!

  2. Its still snowing!!!!!!! I have never seen it snow like this before. When we brought the place they said we would only get a dusting. We have had three feet of snow at least 5 times. A good day to torch.

  3. Well, may the torch keep you warm! I'm looking out my window at the sun. Maybe it will reach you later today :)