Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Day after Thanksgiving

With a house full and teenagers on the computer I didn't get a chance to say Happy Gobble Gobble Day. Hope every one had a nice dinner and good company. My Tuesday appt. didn't go as I planned. I was sure he was going to tell me when to start radiation but no I got an appointment with the oncology department next week. I have to have more surgery as they didn't get clean edges and further testing showed cancer cells in the lymph node. The best part I have 10 days at home to make beads, take long walks, enjoy the crisp air, read blogs, and try to relax. Then deal with what ever come my way as far as treatment is concern. Just a bigger hurtle to get over. Because I am dancing at all my grandkids wedding.


  1. And you will!! Wishing you love, strength and just wishing you well!!

  2. Just keep dancing, Pam! Wishing you all the best.