Saturday, August 29, 2009

I got tagged!

From Marcie at Bellajoya  She want to know 10 things about my personality so here it goes...
1. I like Marcie I'm a procrastinator too.
2. I can't sing and I don't even try
3. I hate snakes (saw one in my garden I may never go back in there)
4. I don't like to see people brushing there teeth. Not even in the movies I have to turn away. Best     of all I am a retired Dental Assistant.
5. I am the worst back seat driver.
6. I love Italian food
7. I love HGTV
8. I spend to much money on bead magazines
9. I wear black only but wear bright colored jewelry
10. I love to watch my grandkids play sports. 


  1. Haha!! That is so funny about teeth brushing! Drives my mom crazy too, so when we want to bug her, we stand behind her and brush our teeth!