Friday, July 17, 2009

Garden 7/17

The garden!!!!! Oh the best yellow squash I have ever eaten. We made stuffed Zucchini that was super. The tomatoes are still green. The deer got there head inside of the fence and ate half of the tomatoes. I should say they ate the greens and dropped the tomatoes on the ground. So Joe and I are going to move them in a little. They are to heavy to do myself. 
     I have lots of new beads that will be in my etsy shop this weekend. I am going to have my 50 Cent Sunday Sale to get rid of one of a kind beads or extras from sets. Expired beads from etsy will be grouped together for extra savings. So stop buy. 


  1. Our Garden is bustin' too! We have sooo much zucchini and squash, we're eating it every day. I'm looking forward to the sale. I've used so many of the beads that you gave me, and I'm definitely interested to see what you've got on Sunday.

  2. Oh, Pam!! It is so wonderful to see how your garden is coming along! I can just visualize your lovely backyard. Did you read my post about the Scarecrow sprinkler? I really think that one of those would scare the deer away. They scare everything!

  3. Hi, I love your garden! Sorry to hear about the deer though! Have a great rest of your day!